Webinar: M&A for Growth

Strattam Presents Forward Momentum: An Informative Webinar Series

Strattam Presents Forward Momentum, an Informative Webinar Series Strattam Capital is excited to announce a four-part webinar series exclusively for founders and CEOs in search of innovative new ideas for growing their companies. Each one-hour webinar will focus on a topic of critical importance to today’s business leaders, with the goal of educating lis...

The Future of Tech Private Equity

More than 30% of all tech M&A deals right now are secured by private equity firms. That’s more than double what it was just five years ago. Why are we seeing this massive growth? And more importantly, what does it mean for your business? In this informative webinar, presented by Strattam Founder and Managing Partner Bob Morse, you’ll learn about the critical IT trends that have shifted o...

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