Investment Strategy

In partnership with founders, Strattam Capital makes majority equity investments in established business IT companies.

We invest in two primary verticals:

Enterprise Software

  •  Vertical-specific applications
  •  Workflow software
  •  Analytics & data businesses

Tech-Enabled Services

  • Application management
  • High-value-added specialization
  • Cloud deployment and support

We target companies with specific potential for growth.

We work with companies that have developed a high-quality product and strong market position, but need additional resources to scale.

In addition, our typical portfolio companies meet the following criteria:

  • Enterprise values up to $100 million
  • Revenues of $10-$30 million
  • Positive EBITDA
  • Add-on acquisition opportunities
  • Organic revenue growth typically >10%

We approach our investment as a partnership, not a transaction.

Our mutual success requires an effective go-to-market strategy, best-in-class talent, and targeted M&A opportunities. We invest in founders who will collaborate with us, even before the deal is closed, to clear common hurdles and accelerate growth.

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