Meet the Portfolio: Intellect

In March 2022, Strattam Capital announced a majority investment in Intellect, a disruptive provider of highly flexible compliance management software. The deal has enabled Intellect to accelerate product innovation and top-line growth while continuing to provide exceptional outcomes for its customers by expanding its engineering, go-to-market and customer success organizations.

Business Overview:
Founded in 2000, Intellect provides cloud-based software that allows customers to digitize and automate their internal compliance processes to seamlessly comply with environmental, health, safety and quality (“EHSQ”) standards and regulations. The company’s powerful no-code platform is a competitive differentiator that allows users to easily conform the software to their existing processes and create custom workflows without needing to involve their overburdened IT departments.

Rising regulatory burdens and hybrid workplaces are creating enormous compliance challenges for regulated industries, and their legacy manual and paper-based processes are struggling to keep up.  Simply proving compliance consumes enormous time, leaving compliance and quality departments little time to focus on actually improving product quality and workplace safety. Intellect believes proving compliance should be easy.  Through its unique no-code platform, Intellect aims to deliver the most intuitive, fastest to implement and most flexible solution in the market, allowing its customers to easily achieve compliance so they can get back to the work they love: delivering better products to their end-customers.

Products & Services:

  • Intellect QMS

Intellect QMS, the company’s flagship product, helps organizations and quality leaders quickly and seamlessly meet FDA, ISO, and other global regulatory compliance requirements. The solution delivers robust features and configurability for virtual auditing, online approvals, and 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signatures, all while ensuring compliant team access to data and documents—anytime, on any device.

  • Intellect EHSQ

Intellect’s Environmental, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) software acts as a data management system for capturing, storing, and analyzing information related to occupational health and safety, waste management, sustainability, and quality. Customers can leverage this powerful solution to reduce operational risk and improve health, while attaining sustainability and compliance goals.

For 20 years, Intellect has helped hundreds of customers across a wide variety of highly regulated industries—including medical devices, labs, electronics, and other industries. Customer names include Bruker, Vornado, Yamaha, the Centers for Disease Control, ORIC Pharmaceuticals, Infinite Electronics and many more. For more details or to read case studies, visit the website.

New & Noteworthy:

In September 2022, the company announced Intellect QMS 5.0, a major product release built on the Intellect Compliance Platform.  The new solution includes Intellect Data IQ™, a new reporting, and analytics tool that empowers individual users to easily and quickly build custom reports to help them do their job better, as well as new applications for Management Review and Batch Records, and Document Search.

Learn more:
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