Strattam Wins M&A Advisor’s $25MM – $50MM Deal of the Year

9 December 2019

In late November, at the M&A Advisor Awards Gala in New York City, Strattam Capital won the 2019 Private Equity Deal of the Year ($25M-$50M) for its majority investment in Rock Solid Technologies. As the finalists were all highly qualified, Strattam thanks the independent panel of judges for the diligent work put into the selection process, and we extend our most sincere gratitude for the honor.
Some might consider this an award that celebrates the dealmakers—but Strattam views it as a testament to Rock Solid’s unique value as a company, as well as an indicator of the incredible progress  made since the acquisition. With the guidance of our jointly developed 5-Point Plan and the ongoing leadership of founder and CEO Rick Brown, Rock Solid has catapulted its growth throughout Latin, Central and North America, with revenue rising rapidly.
Part of the unique value Rock Solid brought to the deal is its ability to attract and retain highly skilled, cost-effective development resources within Puerto Rico. Despite the U.S territory’s financial challenges following several major hurricanes, the area has been and continues to be rife with untapped talent potential, as foreseen by Rick Brown. One reason that Strattam focuses on investing in founder-led companies is that founders understand their businesses in a way few others can.
We would like to highlight how Rock Solid has leveraged the Strattam 5-Point Plan to accelerate growth. Our joint objective was clear: to scale Rock Solid’s public sector business throughout North America. Reaching that goal meant modernizing the company’s engineering organization while providing the necessary resources to rapidly scale go-to-market activities. As summarized by Rick Brown, “The 5-Point Plan outlined how we could make these things happen quickly. Because everyone knew their role, we hit the ground running on day one.”
Once again, we at Strattam are very proud of this recognition. Technology deals are made daily, so to be honored as the Deal of the Year in our size category means we are doing something right—and working with the right companies. Congratulations to all!