Founder Focus.
Total Transparency.
Aligned Investment.

Strattam Capital is a private equity firm that invests
in founder-led, independent technology companies.

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We’re driven by a simple commitment to founders and CEOs: No surprises.

We’ve built our business working with smart and passionate entrepreneurs who, like us, know that enduring partnerships require respect, honesty, and transparency. We focus on understanding your company’s challenges and opportunities up front—so you know we’re equipped to help you achieve your goals. Then, we will agree on a future vision and a concrete set of actions we will take together before signing a deal.

Aligning in advance requires a significant amount of time and effort that most firms wouldn’t dream of investing before the deal is done. We’re not most firms. We know the effort pays off. Ask any of our portfolio companies, and you’ll hear a common refrain: Our CEOs feel empowered. The mission is clear. There is trust between all involved, and employee retention is high.

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We make all our resources available, giving you a clear path to accelerated growth.


Purpose-built to help founders succeed, our team includes finance professionals as well as business leaders with decades of real-world sales, marketing, and technology experience.

Our Team


Powered by collaboration and complete transparency, our process culminates in Strattam’s pivotal differentiator, the Five-Point Plan. We don’t move forward until all parties are completely aligned.

Our Approach


Your business is poised at the intersection of growth and change. Are you equipped for what comes next? We work with founders to remove barriers to growth and create long-term value.

Our Portfolio

Trusted by Founders & CEOs

Strattam’s sector focus, collaborative approach and expertise with data-driven software models make this an ideal partnership.

Paul Wietecha, Founder & CEO, Blacksmith Applications