The Five-Point Plan

Having a plan is essential to ensuring long-term success. Only Strattam is prepared to craft that plan in full alignment with founders and CEOs — before signing a deal.

Strattam’s investment approach is rooted in the belief that successful private equity relationships demand both collaboration and transparency.

For us, that belief has evolved into what we call the Five-Point Plan. It’s something we create up front, working directly with founders, before binding commitments are made.

Here’s how it works.

We examine the essentials of the business and collectively identify the five highest-priority initiatives that will set a foundation for success and begin accelerating top-line growth during the first 12-18 months of our partnership. We then work together to create a detailed action plan to support the execution of these five initiatives. Areas to review include:

Go-to-Market Strategy

We start with a detailed analysis of sales and marketing, including team structures, compensation packages, and demand generation processes. Specifically, we look for opportunities to optimize technology and enhance a company’s digital presence.


Talent is obviously a huge consideration in building our plan. We will work with you to identify any gaps in your leadership team and leverage the collective experience of our in-house sales, marketing, and technology domain experts to help you find and recruit the right people to fill these roles.

M&A Opportunities

Many of our founders have M&A ambitions but lack the resources and/or expertise required to successfully complete and integrate acquisitions. We have a dedicated sourcing team available to identify and engage potential acquisition targets, along with experienced M&A professionals who can assist in conducting diligence and executing transactions. In developing our plan, we evaluate both organic and inorganic opportunities to enhance the strategic value of the business.

Product Development

We carefully assess product engineering practices, code, and open-source capabilities. We also explore opportunities to implement best-practice improvements in the development process, such as Agile methodologies, and leverage the power of modern technologies such as AI, ML, and low-code development frameworks.


We strategically assemble a Board of Directors that will add value to your business, including at least two independent directors who can provide you with valuable insights and act as a helpful sounding board.

It pays to plan ahead.

Advance alignment eliminates surprises. Through the Five-Point Plan, we’ve already reached consensus on strategic initiatives. We’ve agreed on what will define our successes, and you know you have the capital and resources to execute on those initiatives from the day the transaction closes. We’ve established responsibilities. Everyone is clear on what comes next. Detailed plans enable immediate productivity. Because we’ve collaboratively planned and aligned on every upcoming step, we can hit the ground running on day one. There are no delays.

We developed our planning process to eliminate a problem known all too well among founders, CEOs, and private equity teams. They call this the "first board meeting surprise."

Our approach prioritizes…


For most entrepreneurs, there’s no line between business and personal. Your company is a living testament to both your innovation and your effort. That’s why we approach founders from a position of respect, purpose and shared experience. Our goal is building a partnership, not closing a transaction.


Authentic transparency is the key to building trust. Before ink ever touches paper, we collaborate with founders to build a Five-Point Plan that leverages everyone’s strengths for a mutually beneficial outcome.


Compatibility of culture is also imperative. Because our Five-Point Plan clearly defines responsibilities and key performance indicators on both sides, we establish a welcome and productive business environment right from the start. Board meetings run more efficiently. Employee retention is high. Results are immediate.


We see ourselves as doers, not advisors. That’s why we purpose-build our teams to shoulder direct operational accountability wherever needed. Every Strattam expert has extensive expertise and a deep network of valuable executive connections, enabling us to immediately fill gaps or provide support across any internal department. As a result, progress and productivity remain on track for growth.