Meet the Portfolio: Daxtra

In June 2023, Strattam Capital announced a majority growth investment in Daxtra, a pioneering force in the realm of AI-enriched software solutions tailored specifically for the talent acquisition ecosystem. With this partnership, Daxtra will elevate its capabilities and market reach, further solidifying its position as a global leader in recruitment automation.

Business Overview: 

Leveraging their postdoctoral research in advanced AI from the University of Edinburgh, founders Andrei Mikheev and Steven Finch launched Daxtra in 2002. The company’s AI-driven solutions leverage the power of machine learning, Large Language Models, and other emerging technologies to solve the practical challenges businesses face in many critical recruitment and HR processes. Today, Daxtra stands as an industry titan, serving over 2,500 companies across the globe and parsing a staggering 100 million resumes monthly in over 40 languages.


Daxtra is a testament to the transformative power of AI in HR departments and organizations across the recruitment sector. Their primary objective is to facilitate efficient and intelligent candidate-job matching, using robust workflow capabilities and advanced talent intelligence to bridge hiring gaps across industries.

Products & Services: 

Seamlessly integrating with existing applicant tracking and recruitment relationship software, Daxtra’s comprehensive suite of innovative products automate the entire employment application process, helping recruitment companies and corporations quickly pinpoint the best available job seekers. Here’s a closer look:

  • Daxtra Capture swiftly moves candidate data from incoming resume sources to a CRM/ATS database, automatically enhancing candidate profiles with rich structured data.
  • Daxtra Search Nexus searches across recruiters’ CRM/ATS databases and multiple online resources. Search results are intelligently ranked, allowing recruiters to target the perfect candidate with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Daxtra Magnet effortlessly cross-references and associates data from both online and offline profiles, enabling recruiters to update and refresh CRM or ATS records in mere seconds.
  • Daxtra Apply & Match revolutionizes online applications, eliminating the traditionally tedious manual form completion process. Its user-friendly interface provides rich, structured data about job seekers for easy integration into an ATS database.
  • Daxtra Parser proficiently converts raw resume and job data, spanning a variety of languages, into a structured format. This facilitates seamless integration with resume database software, application forms, and other related services.
  • Daxtra Developer Components support intelligent workflows and streamline recruitment processes through automated data retrieval, accurate parsing, and intuitive searching and matching capabilities.


Daxtra’s extensive client roster encompasses some of the world’s largest recruitment and staffing firms, as well as key core systems software providers and global corporations with intricate talent acquisition needs. Customers include BBC, CERN, Adecco, Bullhorn, and iCIMS.

New & Noteworthy: 

Daxtra announced the appointment of Terry Baker as CEO in October 2023, as co-founder and former CEO Andrei Mikheev moved to the position of Chief Innovation Architect and ongoing Board member. Baker brings to the table more than 30 years of experience managing high-growth tech businesses, including PandoLogic, a recruitment software company that grew more than 6x under his leadership. Moving forward, Daxtra is working with Strattam to continue expanding its global presence and drive new growth.

Learn more: 

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