Meet the Portfolio: SciShield

In April 2023, Strattam Capital announced a majority growth investment in SciShield, a provider of environmental, health and safety (“EHS”) compliance software for scientific laboratories.  Through this partnership, SciShield will accelerate its market expansion and build upon its best-in-class platform through the introduction of new AI-powered solutions to keep scientists safe and automate burdensome tasks so they can focus their time and energy on scientific discovery.

Business Overview:

Founded in 2003 by CEO Nathan Watson in Cambridge, Massachusetts, SciShield was born out of a desire to free lab scientists from the administrative strain of complex regulations and certifications—so they could devote more time to their critical research. Today, SciShield serves as the EHS system of record for many of the nation’s most prestigious academic and commercial labs and is used by over 360,000 users to ensure that their labs are safe, efficient, and sustainable. Due to its unparalleled product quality, the Company has solidified its status as the gold standard in the industry.


SciShield’s mission is to keep scientists safe and be the bedrock of unhindered and sustainable scientific progress. They aim to champion scientists in accelerating their discoveries and ensure labs remain sanctuaries of learning and development. True to their roots, SciShield continuously strives to mitigate risks in science by investing in software development, customer success, and infrastructure security.

Products & Services:

SciShield offers a comprehensive enterprise software platform designed to enhance laboratory safety, compliance, and operational efficiency. Led by ChemTracker, the world’s most powerful and comprehensive tool for chemical inventory management, SciShield’s solutions target critical operational pain-points and regulatory requirements ranging from bio-hazard management to automated regulatory reporting. Features include:

  • Chemical, Biosafety and Radioisotope Management: Reduces administrative burden of managing chemicals, biohazards and radioisotopes to more easily ensure safety and compliance.
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Search: Simplifies the search and management of critical safety information with a comprehensive database boasting over 1 million unique Safety Data Sheets.
  • Medical Surveillance: Seamlessly integrates EHS with specific medical surveillance requirements, prioritizing patient data security.
  • Animal Contact Occupational Health: Monitors and assesses potential health impacts from exposure to animal allergens.
  • Incident Management: Enables real-time submission and tracking of incident and near-miss reports, fostering a proactive safety culture.
  • Student Safety: Delivers tools to ensure the safety of students in laboratory and research environments.
  • Training LMS Delivery & Management: Offers holistic health and safety training programs with automated assignments and reminders, catering to both novice and seasoned researchers.
  • Equipment Management: Centralizes the tracking and management of laboratory equipment and assets.
  • Door Signs: Provides both digital and paper solutions for efficient laboratory signage, promoting safety awareness.
  • Hazardous Waste Pickup: Facilitates waste collection requests, ensuring the safe disposal of hazardous materials.


SciShield’s customer base includes top-10 global biopharma companies, life science incubators, as well as numerous top-tier (R1) research institutions. Other notable customers include esteemed higher education institutions, such as the University of Pennsylvania, Tufts, Emory, and Baylor.

New & Noteworthy:

Following the acquisition by Strattam, SciShield is broadening its product and engineering departments to further accelerate technology development. New features include ObservNow, which lets on-site personnel quickly and easily report safety concerns and successes through the SciShield platform.

Expansion plans also include an enhanced partnership network and the integration of new AI-powered tools into the SciShield portfolio. Furthermore, the company is proactively channeling resources into its customer success division to keep pace with growth, ensuring customers continue to enhance efficiency and meet their safety, security, and compliance goals.

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