Strattam Capital Awarded ‘Best for Core Enterprise IT And Services Buy Outs’ at Wealth & Finance Magazine’s 2015 Fund Awards

19 October 2015

UNITED KINGDOM (October 16, 2015) — Strattam Capital has been awarded ‘Best for Core Enterprise IT And Services Buy Outs’ at Wealth & Finance Magazine’s 2015 Fund Awards.
The 2015 Wealth & Finance Fund Awards have been put in place to honour the global fund industry professionals charged with making multi-million-dollar decisions on behalf of their clients. From the most experienced administrators to the newest funds and firms on the scene, these awards honour the individuals and institutions whose limitless knowledge and tireless dedication to achieving the best possible results for their discerning clients keep the wheels of global finance turning.
Following his firm’s award win, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Adrian Polak said: “We see ourselves as the preferred partner to top management teams, and believe this is a critical part of our edge. The segment that we invest in is huge, and highly fragmented but at the same time, highly skilled and motivated management teams are a scarce resource, so good companies led by great managers tend to be able to pick their partners. We offer more than just capital to the companies we invest in, we offer a roadmap to building our companies into peer group leaders. Not only does that create value on a numerical basis, the challenge is what gets the best CEOs out of bed in the morning.
“The focus we’ve developed as specialists has allowed us to successfully invest with conviction across the economic cycle and we believe that the ability to deploy and return capital in markets that aren’t always friendly compounds over the long term in a very meaningful way. Sellers recognize who is there for the boom times, and who is there for the long haul.”
Nathan Angell, Awards Co-ordinator, said: “With the global economy continuing to go from strength to strength, the continually exceptional performance from the global fund industry has been a key factor in this upward trajectory. With so many professionals and individuals achieving stellar results in this industry, it is an honour to recognise Strattam Capital for their achievement.”
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