What We Invest In

Strattam Capital invests in established companies with high-quality products across three verticals within the business IT market: enterprise software, digital infrastructure, and technology-enabled services.

Our Target Market

Strattam Capital makes majority equity investments in established business IT companies based in North America, primarily in partnership with Founders.

We work with companies that have developed a high-quality product and strong market position, but need additional resources to scale. Our investment approach addresses common hurdles to achieving that next level of growth – effective go-to-market strategy, best in class talent, and M&A – via an engagement process that starts before closing and lasts throughout the investment term.

Target acquisition opportunities:

  • Enterprise values of less than $100 million
  • Revenues of $10-$30 million
  • Positive EBITDA
  • Proven products in existing markets
  • Add-in acquisition opportunities
  • 5-15% organic revenue growth
  • Visible paths to success
  • A clear focus
  • Addressable challenges to scaling

Enterprise Software

We invest in enterprise software companies that provide vertical-specific applications, create valuable solutions for a targeted end market, and/or have “big data” potential.

Digital Infrastructure

We invest in digital infrastructure companies that provide application management, hosting services, or managed services.

Tech-Enabled Services

We invest in technology-enabled service providers that specialize in high-value-added areas including software deployment and support, management of human capital, IT services, or logistics.

Our Investment Approach

Our focus is on high-potential companies with proven products. The Strattam approach seeks to achieve above-market returns by identifying companies that have a strong product and position in the market, then leveraging the cumulative knowledge we’ve gained by investing consistently in the sector to add the right resources to get to the next level of growth.

Our Investment Approach in Action

Our portfolio investments define us, and we are proud to partner with leaders in the business IT market. View our portfolio to learn more about our companies’ success stories.