Strattam Congratulates Winners of 4th Annual Golden Armadillo Awards

1 November 2022

Strattam is thrilled to once again announce the winners of our annual Golden Armadillo awards.

Now in its 4th year, this unique distinction was created to honor high-impact leaders from Strattam portfolio companies who leverage impressive determination and adaptability to drive meaningful business outcomes. Winners are selected by secret ballot, and their names are engraved on an illustrious trophy that’s displayed in our Austin office for all to admire.

This year, we’ve chosen four outstanding individuals whose work has played a pivotal role in the success of their organizations at large.  We hope you’ll join us in congratulating these deserving recipients!


Paul Allerhand
Netstock / Chief Financial Officer

Since joining Netstock in 2021, Paul has had a significant positive impact on the company’s operational efficiency and growth. To begin with, he implemented a new global accounting system that has meaningfully improved both the quality and speed of Netstock’s financial reporting processes. In addition, Paul transitioned the company to GAAP financial reporting and conducted its first successful audit. He also crafted a three-year plan for the business, called “Northstar,” that serves as a guide for the company’s planned forward progress. And, last but certainly not least, Paul played a highly instrumental role in completing and integrating two acquisitions—Demand Works and Netstock Europe—both of which have been highly accretive to the business. Paul is a model of perseverance and patience, and we’re proud to have him in the Strattam portfolio.


Sarah Mills
Netstock / Director of Marketing

Sarah’s contributions at Netstock have inspired many over the past year. In a period of change, she stepped in to fill a critical need and delivered numerous key results. The company’s marketing efficiency has more than doubled, and, she’s kept the team motivated and on-track—all while increasing her own knowledge, executing new tasks, and digging into the numbers and processes to grow her foundational understanding of the business.  Congratulations, Sarah!


George Santillan
Trax / Chief Technology Officer

When George took over the Trax development organization, he had his work cut out for him—managing a major platform integration following a significant merger. He rose to the challenge, of course, and over the last two years has instilled a modern, standardized development approach across the organization, putting in the necessary metrics to enable effective management of the development process. He’s put in significant work to rationalize the company’s legacy systems into a successful converged platform strategy. Without a doubt, George buckles down when there’s a job to be done, and we congratulate him on this honor!


Tom Duncan
Rock Solid / Chief Revenue Officer

Since Tom joined the Rock Solid team, he has rebuilt the company’s sales process using the “Six Tool” methodology he developed over 20+ years of sales leadership. He is, hands down, the most accurate forecaster across the Strattam portfolio, coming within 2-4% of his commitment every quarter. This year, Tom integrated Swagit sales into the overall sales process, with 80% of the sales team meeting or exceeding quota last quarter. Tom is also a strong partner with marketing to drive the overall North American GTM strategy, while remaining an excellent coach to individual sales reps. He’s committed to making data-driven decisions, but he’s also a humble guy who is willing to admit when he has more to learn. Following the acquisition of Rock Solid by Granicus earlier this month, Tom is contributing to this larger organization.  We all congratulate him on this award!


Clearly, these four employees are proven winners—not only to those in their own companies, but to us at Strattam and all of our investors. We appreciate their efforts and look forward to their continued excellence in years to come. Congratulations, Golden Armadillos!