SSB Acquires ALUMiNate to Expand Data Solutions for Fundraising Organizations

20 July 2021

SSB Acquires ALUMiNate to Expand Data Solutions for Fundraising Organizations

Acquisition of data enrichment and analytics firm ALUMiNate adds further depth to SSB’s comprehensive fundraising toolkit for higher education and nonprofit organizations

Denver, CO (July 20, 2021) SSB, a leading data management and analytics company serving higher education, nonprofit, collegiate athletics, and sports organizations, announced today the acquisition of ALUMiNate, a leading provider of data enrichment services that boost fundraising success for higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations through proprietary, AI-based analytic techniques that provide a deeper understanding of constituents.

ALUMiNate’s solutions include MATCH’d, a data append service that delivers a comprehensive view of prospects and donors by matching over 500 data fields related to factors such as demographics, wealth, and contact information; and SCORE’d, a proprietary analytics algorithm that identifies donors and prospective donors’ propensity and capacity to give.

The acquisition creates a one-stop-shop for fundraising organizations looking to grow fundraising levels, increase donor engagement, and improve operational efficiencies. ALUMiNate gives fundraisers the ability to enhance the “golden record” of data for every constituent profile created in SSB’s Central Intelligence platform, automatically identify prospective donors using SSB’s Affinaquest CRM, and target new opportunities for higher matching gift potential through SSB’s HEPdata solutions.

“With the acquisition of ALUMiNate, SSB offers the most comprehensive suite of solutions on the market to power fundraising organizations,” explains Mike Banville, chief executive officer of SSB. “We firmly believe that the better an organization knows its constituents and donors, the more successful they can be in fulfilling their mission. These tools present the opportunity to form deeper, more meaningful relationships while also driving fundraising efforts.”

SSB currently works with higher education institutions across the country, including more than half of the universities in the Power Five Conferences. With the ALUMiNate acquisition, SSB will expand its portfolio to include elite institutions such as Ohio University, University of Tennessee Foundation, and Wayne State University.

“Combining these solutions allows organizations to be more effective, efficient, and productive,” explains Robert Fealy, president and co-founder of ALUMiNate. “At the end of the day, that means organizations have more time and resources to focus on their mission. I look forward to working with SSB to support that growth.”

As part of the transaction, all ALUMiNate team members will join SSB, and Robert Fealy will join the board of directors.

Strattam Capital made a majority investment in SSB in 2018 to enable SSB to further expand its product offering in the higher education market. SSB acquired Affinaquest, the industry’s leading higher education advancement software provider on the Salesforce platform, in June 2021. SSB and Affinaquest have driven over $3 billion in fundraising this past year and offer an in-house team of experts who collectively possess hundreds of years of experience in the advancement sector.

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