Meet the Portfolio: NETSTOCK

This is the fourth in an ongoing series of blog posts that will introduce you to Strattam’s diverse portfolio of companies – including what they do and who they serve, their vision for doing business in today’s market, and their plans for innovation within their industries.

Meet the Portfolio: NETSTOCK

In October 2020, Strattam Capital completed a majority investment in NETSTOCK, a leading provider of inventory planning and optimization software for small and mid-sized enterprises. The deal, which positions NETSTOCK to further expand its position in North America, represents Strattam’s third spend management platform.

Business Overview:
Founded in 2009, NETSTOCK is a leading inventory optimization platform serving over 1,600 customers around the globe, managing over 100 million products with a combined inventory holding of $15.5 billion. Using its advanced cloud-based solution, customers of NETSTOCK are able to achieve a reduction in excess stock, faster ordering times, and a reduction in stock-outs, ensuring optimal inventory investment.

At its core, NETSTOCK believes that every small and medium sized business deserves to compete in the market. By delivering cloud-based inventory optimization solutions to small and medium-sized businesses around the world, NETSTOCK empowers customers to elevate efficiency levels quickly, easily, and affordably.

Products & Services:
NETSTOCK delivers a cloud-based inventory management software platform with a robust set of features, including:

  • Inventory Dashboard
    Designed with a highly intuitive user interface, the NETSTOCK Dashboard measures the Key Indicators businesses need to manage inventory effectively. Users can quickly assess their stock holding, excess stock, fill rate, and order status, so it’s easy to identify potential issues that affect service.
  • Forecasting
    NETSTOCK’s software generates more reliable sales forecasts, so companies can better serve customers with less stock. Forecasts factor in seasonality and trends, while helping businesses efficiently find problem areas, assess overall results, and loop in sales and senior management when it’s time to make insight-based decisions.
  • Classification
    NETSTOCK software enables companies to easily prioritize important tasks that propel the business forward. Cut out obsolete items that clutter the field, group functional stock into sensible categories, and gain a better understanding of which items are selling and what demand.
  • Ordering
    NETSTOCK’s Recommended Order Schedule capitalizes off the work done by classifying and forecasting to help customers drive every order with the most balanced, optimal inventory holding. Users get a clear picture of potential supplier holdups and which items need ordering, so they can craft the perfect purchase order and fill containers optimally.
  • Manufacturing
    NETSTOCK also offers inventory optimization software customized for manufacturers, who face specific challenges related to the stocking and shipping of raw materials and components. Users can easily address issues related to safety and risk while enjoying recommended manufacturing plans that minimize emergencies and rush jobs.
  • Distribution
    NETSTOCK provides solutions for distributors that help them procure orders centrally and distribute to their locations efficiently. Distributors can set lead times and safety stock parameters at each node in the supply chain. This results in the right inventory in each node at the right time.

NETSTOCK serves more than 16,000 users in over 1600 small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Some of their most well-known brands include Traeger in the U.S., Bic in Africa, and Buildex in Australia.


New and Noteworthy

In July 2021 NETSTOCK announced the acquisition of NETSTOCK Europe to accelerate growth in Germany, while continuing to invest in the platform. With over 150 customers, NETSTOCK Europe helps its customers manage over $500 million of inventory through the Company’s Software-as-a-Service platform.

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