2022 Year In Review

A volatile 2022 was a year of growth and opportunity for Strattam. We added seven founder-led companies, completed great sales, expanded our team, and grew AUM to more than $800 million. Here’s a look back at what we accomplished.

Investments & Exits

2022 was a year of tremendous forward progress for Strattam and our portfolio, including new investments, add-on acquisitions, and successful sales.



Our Awards

Our hard work has once again been acknowledged with numerous industry awards.

A Growing Team

The Strattam team is purpose-built to ensure a wealth of industry experience, comprehensive investment knowledge, and an in-depth understanding of advanced and emerging technologies.

In 2022, we celebrated the following additions and promotions to our team:

Portfolio Improvement

Strattam continuously works on behalf of our portfolio companies to meet objectives as defined in our Five-Point Plan. This year, we delivered the necessary people, process, and scale to successfully complete projects including:

The Strattam Approach

Founders and CEOs choose to work with Strattam Capital because of our founder-friendly, transparent approach.

Get to know Strattam Capital and read about our founder-friendly approach using the Five-Point Plan.

Learn more about Strattam Capital's Five-Point Plan


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Information on awards the Firm and its principals have received are included on this page. The receipt of these awards is not indicative of future performance.

M&A Advisor Deal of the Year: Winners were selected by an independent judging committee of M&A, financing, and restructuring professionals, many of whom are previous years' award winners. Award nominations were submitted during an open call for nominations in multiple award categories. A single nomination could be submitted in one or more award categories. The set of nominations in each award category were evaluated and scored by at least 3 judges. Nominations of deals were scored on the basis of a). description of circumstances surrounding the deal (30% of score), b). obstacles and challenges overcome to get the deal done (30%) , c). benefits to stakeholders (30%), and d). adherence to submission form guidelines and completeness (10%) . For each nomination within each award category, the scores were added and averaged. The nomination with the highest average score won the award. A fee was paid to submit our application.

Inc Founder Friendly Investors: Inc. places firms on the Founder Friendly Investor list based on the information provided in an application and by speaking with founder references. A fee was paid to submit our application.