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Our Year

While the past year continued to present a changing landscape to global businesses, Strattam successfully navigated the terrain thanks to our committed investors and exceptional portfolio teams. Their combined efforts over the last 12 months reflect more than resilience—they demonstrate the progress that can be made through shared expertise and collaborative innovation. We’re proud to showcase how their ongoing work in this exciting space has led Strattam to significant accomplishments in 2021.

Investments & Exits

2021 was a year of tremendous forward progress for Strattam and our portfolio, including new investments, add-on acquisitions, and successful sales.



Our Awards

our hard work has once again been acknowledged with numerous industry awards.

Wins 2021 M&A Advisor Deal of the Year – Investment in MHC Software

Hilary Fleischer Named Top 21 in 21: Women in Tech Investing

Named in Inc’s 2021 List of Founder-Friendly Investors

Wins 2021 M&A Advisor Cross-Border Deal of the Year – Investment in Netstock

A Growing Team

The Strattam team is purpose-built to ensure a wealth of industry experience, comprehensive investment knowledge, and an in-depth understanding of advanced and emerging technologies.

In 2021, we celebrated the following additions and promotions to our team:

Portfolio Improvement

Strattam continuously works on behalf of our portfolio companies to meet objectives as defined in each Five-Point Plan. This year, we delivered the necessary people, process, and scale to successfully complete projects involving:

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New sales
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Best practice

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Product development roadmap

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Our Vision

Since day one, Strattam Capital has been committed to transparency—in everything we do. Our business revolves around creating trusted partnerships with founders and CEOs, so we can operate in alignment to clear obstacles, strengthen offerings, and achieve growth together.

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Our Market

Over the last year, industries around the world have evolved to meet the challenges of a pandemic-impacted economy, proving the irreplaceable value of enterprise software and technology services in today’s daily business operations. Strattam is prepared to continue leveraging this opportunity as the market for both verticals maintains a rapid upward trajectory.

The enterprise software market continued its rapid growth, reaching around

$271B this year

It is forecast to keep expanding through 2025 to reach


10.1% annual growth rate, in constant currency

Compound growth rate (CAGR) of  11.3% (2021-25).

Our Approach

Strattam approaches every private equity relationship with a commitment to collaboration and transparency. Why? Because we know our mutual success hinges on strategic alignment. Our Five-Point Plan is how we outline that alignment for practical realization of specific objectives across the business. We craft this plan together with founders every step of the way—so there are never any surprises.





New &


Strattam Capital invests in founder-led, independent, B2B software and technology companies across North America. We believe in aligning with founders and CEOs before signing, via our Five-Point Plan process to allow for execution with purpose, excitement, and efficiency. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, we connect companies with the people, process, and scale needed to reach their potential.

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