Year in Review

Strattam had a banner year in 2023.

Our Five-Point Plan investment process provides Founders with the pre-transaction transparency and alignment they are seeking for their bootstrapped businesses. Strattam is growing to meet this demand, with assets under management surpassing $1 billion in 2023.

Against a backdrop of global PE deal activity declining 40% year over year, Strattam deployed more capital in 2023 than any prior year in our history, adding several innovative founder-led companies to the portfolio.

Here's a look back on the highlights of 2023.

Investments & Acquisitions

In 2023, Strattam completed three acquisitions, including two new platforms, and closed a strategic investment from Triumph Financial (NASDAQ: TFIN) into Trax Technologies. We are thrilled to welcome SciShield, Daxtra, and EPlexity to the Strattam portfolio.

Growth of the Firm

Our Awards

Hard work pays off. Hilary Fleischer was recognized for her leadership, Strattam was named to Inc. Magazine's Founder-Friendly Investor list for the fourth consecutive year, and we were awarded Private Equity Deal of the Year ($25M-50M) by The M&A Advisor.

Introducing Strattam Accelerate

In 2023, we launched Strattam Accelerate as a knowledge center for portfolio executives. With highlights from our CXO Summits, brown bag lunch speaker series, Strattam Essentials whitepapers, and portfolio company thought leadership pieces, Accelerate brings together in one place a comprehensive set of professional development materials for leaders. Accelerate provides access to preferred vendor relationships and ready-to-use content such as job specs, compensation plans, and diligence templates that have been battle-tested and proven most useful over the years. Accelerate is one more way Strattam helps founders and their teams achieve their potential.

2023 By the Numbers

Innovating in AI

The founder-led DNA of our companies is, at essence, the DNA of innovation. As established, niche-sector technology leaders, each of these companies possesses long-run, proprietary datasets peculiar to their industry. Leadership teams across the portfolio have married the newly-available AI unleashed in 2023 with that data to deliver new insights to customers and to make existing analytics easier to use through natural-language chat interfaces. All portfolio companies introduced AI in some form to improve customer experience and drive efficiency.

Learn more about notable product launches at each portfolio website:

  1. CloudHesive: https://cloudhesive.com/

  2. Contegix: https://contegix.com/

  3. Daxtra: https://www.daxtra.com/

  4. Intellect: https://intellect.com/

  5. Netstock: https://www.netstock.com/

The Five-Point Plan

Founders and CEOs want to know what is going to happen after the investment closes. We hear over and over again that Strattam's Five-Point Plan process delivers the pre-signing transparency and alignment they need. Here’s how it works:

Learn more about Strattam's Five Point Plan

We are grateful for the trust of our capital partners, the Founders who have entrusted their business to us, and the hugely talented executives who have become part of the leadership success stories. We wish you all success in the year ahead!

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