Upcoming Webinar – Alignment During Uncertainty: Reflections After an Unpredictable Year

Wrapping Up Our Forward Momentum Webinar Series with Alignment During Uncertainty: Reflections After an Unpredictable Year.

Strattam Capital is excited to announce the final event in our four-part webinar series exclusively for founders and CEOs, scheduled for December 15 at 10:00 am PT.

In this forty-five-minute roundtable discussion, we’ll hear our executive guests look back at 2020’s biggest challenges, successes and innovations. We’ll also hear how lessons learned during this unprecedented year are shaping business goals and strategies for 2021.

This month’s speakers are:

  • Adrian Polak (Partner, Strattam)
  • Paul Wietecha (Founder & CEO, Blacksmith Applications)
  • Chris Rasmussen (Founder & Executive Chairman, Doxim)
  • Rick Brown (Founder & CEO, Rock Solid Technologies)

To register for the December 15 event, click here

Stay tuned for more exciting webinar series opportunities as we head into the new year!


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