Meet the Portfolio: SSB

This is the first in an ongoing series of blog posts that will introduce you to Strattam’s diverse portfolio of companies—including what they do and who they serve, their vision for doing business in today’s market, and their plans for innovation within their industries. Meet the Portfolio: SSB In February 2018, Strattam Capital, along with SSB’s Senior Partn...

5 Critical Steps for Leading through a Crisis

It’s not easy to be a CEO or CFO, or any kind of business leader, in a time of crisis. Here’s how I know: I was the CFO of Equinix in August 2000, when we took the company public and priced 20 million shares at $12.00. We had raised $240M on YTD revenues of $1M! We had an operating loss of $38M. We were building eight data centers simultaneously. We took o...

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